To Everything There Is a Season


Hi Gang! After fifty posts we’ve decided to take a break, focus on the novel, maybe even do a little traveling. We hope you have the best summer ever, and look forward to hanging out with you again once our batteries are recharged. By the way, for those of you who’ve known us awhile, tomorrow marks a major milestone….



© 2016 Ron Dulaney


  1. Happy Birthday Chewiee, you gorgeous doll! Looking foward to that novel Ron! Enjoy your travels, if you make your way to KC, give us a call!


  2. OMG Chewiee! You look amazing. You sure your parents have the right year? Happiest of birthdays to you. Ask for steak juice!

    I hope you will be writing about impeachment next time you sign in, Ron.


  3. Can’t believe 15!! Hoping I look this good at 105! Enjoy your break altho was looking forward to reading posts about Comey. In need of more laughs.


      1. She looks too too beautiful. I just showed her the portrait, and she looked up just long enough from her chicken hide bone to say she feels great . . . she is getting along fine with Waide and Mary Ann, but wants you to come home soon.


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