Stop Making Sense

The following footage is guaranteed to dissolve the frown on your mug and compel you to shake every last ounce of booty you can muster. The wide shots of David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Alex Weir, Lynn Mabry, and Ednah Holt running in place and burning more calories than most of us consume in a week (and looking oh, so cool in the process) are unforgettable here. The clip is “Life During Wartime” from Stop Making Sense. If you haven’t seen this classic or it’s been too long I encourage you to visit or revisit it at your earliest convenience. It’s avaliable to stream online from several vendors (including Amazon and YouTube). Better yet you can buy the Blu-Ray for fifteen bucks. Such a deal. The greatest band of the eighties in the greatest concert film ever made. 

Robert Jonathan Demme 1944-2017


© 2017 Ron Dulaney


  1. I love it! They were Art, Music, Dance, Performance and sheer madness. I could go on and on…I love the end when David bows and says “anyone have any questions?”!!! Brilliant. You made my month Ron!


    1. Thanks, John, for sharing the joy. This was a film that reset my cinematic and musical thermostats when I first saw it at the Crystal Theater in Missoula in 1984. All my friends who saw it during that run just walked around with smiles on their faces the next few weeks. I still haven’t wiped mine off.


  2. Great movie! Time to see it again. Thanks for the reminder, Ron. Been back in Greece til last week and unavailable to check in with almost anything than business there. Thanks for this blog!


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