Oscar Aftermath


First off, our condolences to everyone involved with Moonlight, whose upset victory will for all eternity be overshadowed by a CPA in a rented tux slipping Shirley MacLaine’s little brother the wrong envelope—although one could argue it was sort of cool how Moonlight dramatically snatched victory from the jaws of the defeated but heavily favored La La Land at the last minute. The results of last week’s poll follow.

BREAKING BULLETIN: We ecountered a bit of a technical SNAFU publishing our regular post this week (entitled Dining at the White House) that may have affected its delivery to your email box (we’re blaming Price-Waterhouse). If you’re missing this post simply click on the link in the preceding sentence.

Our group’s picks coincided with the Academy’s in four categories:

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Casey Affleck

Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Viola Davis

Best Original ScreenplayManchester by the Sea (tied with Hidden Figures)

Best Costume DesignFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Our other six (non-conforming) picks were as follows:

Best Picture (tie) – La La Land, Hell or High Water, Manchester by the Sea (Moonrise won Oscar)

Best Actress in a Leading Role – Isabelle Huppert (Emma Stone won Oscar)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Jeff Bridges (Mahershala Ali won Oscar)

Best Director – Kenneth Lonergan (Damien Chazelle won Oscar)

Best Adapted ScreenplayHidden Figures (Manchester by the Sea won Oscar)

Best Production DesignFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (La La Land won Oscar)

To get a complete breakdown of results just go to  The Envelope Please and click on “view results” for each category.

© 2017 Ron Dulaney


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  1. I watched Oscars here in Puerta Vallarta. We had a hard time getting it in English, when we did, it was dubbed in over Spanish, so hard to understand. We did get the snafu, though. Long for the days of watching with you guys. There were a lot of good movies this year.


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