11/9/16 3:01 p.m. PST

heres-the-basic-electoral-college-map-with-states-that-clinton-won-in-blue-and-states-that-trump-won-in-red-assuming-that-trumps-narrow-lead-in-michigan-holdsOkay so my IRA didn’t tank and I watched Donald’s speech and didn’t throw a brick at the TV (until Giuliani came out of nowhere when I confess I looked around for a heavy book) and I also watched Hillary and POTUS do their things and nearly wept but kept it together and felt proud and sad at the same time My wife and I spent the day at the hospital (and had Einstein’s Bagels, hooray) and stayed away from the media (except to watch the speeches) and it felt so good I can’t tell you And it made me regret every second of my precious life that I wasted staring at “TV news personalities” jabbering at each other and selling soap and never saying anything a monkey couldn’t say with a little practice over the past 18 months Thank God I pretty much went cold turkey with all that crap last summer and become obnoxious about it as some of my friends will attest with a groan But like I was saying, WHAT A F**KING WASTE OF TIME and when you get to be my age (or any age over the age of birth) time is everything (along with your health — and yeah I’m just full of clichés today but it’s true and you can trust me because I’ve just come home from a hospital and no everyone’s fine thanks) Politics especially politics this year were ugly (read Trump) which of course is why we couldn’t stop watching waiting for the trainwreck which arrived with a bang last night But if there’s anything I need more of in my life and I guarantee you need more of in your life it’s not ugly but beauty People have become obsessed with all this and I get it because it’s been hard not to but if you’re one of those people please take stock of your life and ask yourself what really matters that you truly have control over and if you’ve been giving that enough attention because it deserves it Read more books smell more flowers watch more movies hike more trails create more art ski more slopes pet more puppies slap more friends on the back look skyward more to marvel at the clouds and the stars and spend more time with the people you love and don’t forget to do your part to put CNN and FOX News and MSNBC the whole disgusting lot of them out of business because all they do is feed the frenzy and cultivate the fear and absorb the time we could be using to do more productive things like walking on hot coals and swallowing frog turds Did you catch that Wolf and Megyn and Rachel?

11/9/16 3:12 p.m. PST

© 2016 Ron Dulaney


  1. Thank you for both of these post election epistles. This one I can take and go create art. I think I’ll go and do that right now and every chance I get. Using a bright color palette to get through this dark period.


  2. With a nod to Molly Bloom I loved your rant which seems to be what’s been circulating in my brain and it doesn’t stop though I’m trying to think of something positive like maybe this is a huge wakeup call for the Dems and oh I hear a train whistle it’s my stomach rumbling particularly when i think of Bannon and what his job will be and Kellyanne and what her job will be and i won’t keep going because oooooo its just too painful watching Prez Obama being the classy guy he is and treating trump with such generosity and i think i’ll go back to bed.


  3. We managed to survive the divisions of the 60s, Vietnam, and Watergate. Despite my gut instinct, I have to believe we will survive this as well. The President set the tone today.


  4. I really enjoyed your post. I think most were caught up in this horrible frenzy. We too have stopped feeding the frenzy, we watch alot more Andy Griffith and try to remember whats truly important! Thanks for the cool down!


  5. Ron, I have been obsessed with this election. Loved your “stream” and I feel better. And I do have better things to do than watch the incessant yammering. Turned it on out of force of habit this morning, and I am turning it off and tuning out. Thanks


  6. Hug your friends, specifically your female friends, non white friends, disabled friends, LGBT friends etc. America just told us we don’t matter.


  7. Ron
    I (we, i’m taking liberty here) feel much the same. Countless hours spent watching the talking heads, news, ad nauseum. Wasted time getting angry. Jacque likes to get angry. I don’t know what she will do with all the extra time. I just want to move on. I haven’t changed my opinion, but I do have to admire his ambition. I only hope that he channels it in constructive ways. Albeit red, our country is now united under one party. And the best part….our IRA’s didn’t implode either. Thanks for your thoughts.


  8. I went to settings on my iPhone and my iPad and stopped any sort of news notifications from popping up. I’m staying away from the television and talk radio and already I feel better. But I hope I’m not like the Jewish family that thought this would blow over and wound up in Auschwitz.


    1. One can remain informed without being told how and what to think. We can be thankful we still have some real journalism going on out there… and let’s not forget John Oliver, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and the like to keep it real!


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